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* Neutral Positioning

* Arm & Head Positioning

* Hand Fighting

* Arm Drags & Arm Clears

* Set Ups - Head Snaps, Push & Pulls

* Penetration Double Leg Attacks

* Inside-Step Single Leg

* Outside-Step Single Leg

* Finishing The Single Leg

* High-Crotch To a Double

* Duck Under

* Head Outside Single
* Single Leg Sweep

* Fireman's Carry

* Underhook Series

* The Over Under Series

* Russian Tie Series

* Foot Sweeps

Neutral Defense

 Fight Off Single Leg

* Head-Lock Trip off Single

* Fight Off Double Leg

* Lat-Throw off Double

* Block & Snap-Defending Shots

* Head Snap to Pancake

* Head & Arm Series

* Head & Arm to Pancake

* Head & Arm Shuck-By

* Head & Arm to Cradle

* Cement Job & Mixer

* Whizzer & Nelson

* Trap Head Tight Waist Hi-Leg

* Trap Head - Spilatal

Top Position

* Top-Set Position

* Tricep & Ankle

* Bump to Tight-Waist

* Two on One Hi-Leg Turk

* Two on One Tilt Series

* Half Nelson

* Bar Arms

* Bone to Bone

* Leg Series

* Counter Stand-Up

* Riding - Stay w/ Hips

* The Claw & Spiral Ride

* Cradle Series

Bottom Position

* The Stand Up

* Sit Back Series

* Switch

* Granby / Peterson

* Fight Off Half Nelson

* Leg Counters

* Bar Arm Counters

* Fight Off Back

Mental Prep

Physical Needs


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Florida Jets Wrestling Club
Renegade Wrestling Club in Florida
Sarasota Wrestling Club in Florida
Dacula Youth Wrestling in Georgia
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Northwestern Wrestling Club in Indiana
Blackhawk Wrestling Club in Illinois
Crossface Wrestling in Illinois
Franklin Park Raiders in Illinois
Lincoln-Way Wrestling Club in Illinois
Moline Youth Club in Illinois
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Panther Wrestling Club in Illinois
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Panther Wrestling Club in Indiana
Franklin Central Wrestling Club in Indiana
Little Tiger Wrestling Club in Iowa
Titans Tri-State Wrestling Club (Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota)
East Kansas Wrestling Club
Turner Kids Wrestling Club in Kansas
Westbank Wrestling Club in Louisiana
Arundel Jr. Wrestling Club in Maryland
Bel Air Youth Wrestling in Maryland
Bowie Boys and Girls Club Wrestling Team in Maryland
HeadHunter Wrestling Club in Maryland
Manchester Wrestling Club in Maryland
North Baltimore Wrestling Club in Maryland
Severn Athletic Club in Maryland
The Williamsport Wrestling Club in Maryland
Pit Bull Wrestling Club in Massachusetts
Horizon Wrestling Club in Massachusetts
Pride Wrestling Club in Massachusetts
Rochester Youth Wrestling Association in Minnesota
Rochester Matmen Youth Club in Minnesota
South St. Paul Wrestling Club in Minnesota
Centralia Wrestling Club in Missouri
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St. Joe Metro Youth Club in Missouri
Western Stars Wrestling Club in Missouri
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KWAA Wrestling Club in Nebraska
Valentine Middle School in Nebraska
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Wallkill Panther Cubs Wrestling Club in New York
Waverly Wrestling Club in New York
Killer Bees Youth Club in North Carolina
Python Wrestling in North Carolina in Ohio

Conotton Valley Wrestling Club in Ohio
Cuyahoga Youth Club in Ohio
Marietta Youth Wrestling in Ohio
Team Roehlig in Ohio
West Jefferson in Ohio
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Perry Maroon Youth Wrestling in Oklahoma
Woodward Wrestling Club in Oklahoma
Mook Mat Club in Oregon
Jr. Jag Stud Club in Oregon
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Blazer Mat Club in Pennsylvania
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Carmichaels Youth Club in Pennsylvania
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Littlestown Youth Club in Pennsylvania
Marple Newtown Youth Wrestling in Pennsylvania
Matrix Wrestling Club in Pennsylvania
Mifflinburg Youth Wrestling in Pennsylvania
Milton Area Youth in Pennsylvania
Rob Waller's Wrestling Club in Pennsylvania
SAA Youth Wrestling Team in Pennsylvania
Union County Wrestling Academy in Pennsylvania
West Chester Youth Club in Pennsylvania
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Jordan Freestyle Wrestling in Utah
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New Kent Wrestling Club in Virginia
Prince William Panthers Youth Wrestling Club in Virginia
Warrenton Wrestling Club in Virginia
Kent Cougars Jr. Wrestling Club in Washington
Lake Stevens Berserker Wrestling Club in Washington
Preston Mat Club in West Virginia
Rhinelander Wrestling Club in Wisconsin
Viper Wrestling Club in Wisconsin


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