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* Neutral Positioning

* Arm & Head Positioning

* Hand Fighting

* Arm Drags & Arm Clears

* Set Ups - Head Snaps, Push & Pulls

* Penetration Double Leg Attacks

* Inside-Step Single Leg

* Outside-Step Single Leg

* Finishing The Single Leg

* High-Crotch To a Double

* Duck Under

* Head Outside Single
* Single Leg Sweep

* Fireman's Carry

* Underhook Series

* The Over Under Series

* Russian Tie Series

* Foot Sweeps

Neutral Defense

 Fight Off Single Leg

* Head-Lock Trip off Single

* Fight Off Double Leg

* Lat-Throw off Double

* Block & Snap-Defending Shots

* Head Snap to Pancake

* Head & Arm Series

* Head & Arm to Pancake

* Head & Arm Shuck-By

* Head & Arm to Cradle

* Cement Job & Mixer

* Whizzer & ¾ Nelson

* Trap Head Tight Waist Hi-Leg

* Trap Head - Spilatal

Top Position

* Top-Set Position

* Tricep & Ankle

* Bump to Tight-Waist

* Two on One Hi-Leg Turk

* Two on One Tilt Series

* Half Nelson

* Bar Arms

* Bone to Bone

* Leg Series

* Counter Stand-Up

* Riding - Stay w/ Hips

* The Claw & Spiral Ride

* Cradle Series

Bottom Position

* The Stand Up

* Sit Back Series

* Switch

* Granby / Peterson

* Fight Off Half Nelson

* Leg Counters

* Bar Arm Counters

* Fight Off Back

Mental Prep

Physical Needs


Leg Counters

To fight off the Leg Ride pressure back in enough to get one arm
hooked under the opponents inserted Leg. Continue pushing
back, bringing the hooked Leg up high to your shoulder, driving
the hooked Leg arm towards your ear as you scoot the hips out
and Come Out The Back Door.

Roll Out of Legs

Another way to escape Legs is to Roll through with your opponents
inserted Legs. Raise up to a Tripod step the trapped leg foot in
front of the other, tuck your chin to the chest and drive into a power
roll. Once the man goes to his back Hip Heist quickly and
maneuver your hips so that you now have a Leg control position.
Come up across the opponent’s racking a cross face while
maintaining Leg and Hip control.

Catch The Leg Coming In - Come Out The Back Door

Escaping a Crab Ride

Fighting out of Legs from the Crab Ride position is much like
escaping with your Cut Through from the Stand Up position.
Gain two on one control, post the controlled wrist downward,
raise up a Cut Through arm and cork screw down ward while
Hip Heisting to face your opponent Chest on Chest.

You may even be able to catch the opponents neck with your
Cut Through arm and go into a Cradle or Head Lock to
complete the reversal with a pinning combination.

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