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* Neutral Positioning

* Arm & Head Positioning

* Hand Fighting

* Arm Drags & Arm Clears

* Set Ups - Head Snaps, Push & Pulls

* Penetration Double Leg Attacks

* Inside-Step Single Leg

* Outside-Step Single Leg

* Finishing The Single Leg

* High-Crotch To a Double

* Duck Under

* Head Outside Single
* Single Leg Sweep

* Fireman's Carry

* Underhook Series

* The Over Under Series

* Russian Tie Series

* Foot Sweeps

Neutral Defense

 Fight Off Single Leg

* Head-Lock Trip off Single

* Fight Off Double Leg

* Lat-Throw off Double

* Block & Snap-Defending Shots

* Head Snap to Pancake

* Head & Arm Series

* Head & Arm to Pancake

* Head & Arm Shuck-By

* Head & Arm to Cradle

* Cement Job & Mixer

* Whizzer & Nelson

* Trap Head Tight Waist Hi-Leg

* Trap Head - Spilatal

Top Position

* Top-Set Position

* Tricep & Ankle

* Bump to Tight-Waist

* Two on One Hi-Leg Turk

* Two on One Tilt Series

* Half Nelson

* Bar Arms

* Bone to Bone

* Leg Series

* Counter Stand-Up

* Riding - Stay w/ Hips

* The Claw & Spiral Ride

* Cradle Series

Bottom Position

* The Stand Up

* Sit Back Series

* Switch

* Granby / Peterson

* Fight Off Half Nelson

* Leg Counters

* Bar Arm Counters

* Fight Off Back

Mental Prep

Physical Needs


High-Crotch To a Double
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Slip By with a Rotation step - Switch to Double or Cross Ankle Pull -

The High Crotch is a pivoting maneuver that allows you to slip by your opponents arms.
Offsetting his forward motion to deeply penetrate in on a leg attack. As your opponent
pressures forward slip his arm by as you pivot on the inside foot - reach deep with the
far arm coming through the opponents crotch then immediately switch pressure back
towards the center of your opponents balance coming up and around with a double leg
lift - dropping the opponent away from your head for the score

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